- Audio Files That Are of Great Importance -
When It Comes to Court, Especially If Debt is Involved.

Oh so sad but Oh so true

The audio files listed on this page were recorded during a conference call and Dave of Dallas Debt Discussion is the Moderator.

All of the Audio Files are recorded in *.mp3 and should offer no problem in playing or downloading. Each recording runs for approximately 1 hour, some a little more.

Suggestion: Download to your *.mp3 player and listen to the recordings while driving, jogging or just walking.

Each recording will contain particular situations and case law in support for, or against, the type situation being discussed.

Debt Collector Defenses


Practice Dissecting Affidavits

Void Judgments Part I

Void Judgments Part II

Validation Part I

Validation Part II

Real Party In Interest

Litigation And Remedies

FCRA & CRA Actions Part I

FCRA & CRA Actions Part II

FDCPA Case Law - Bits & Pieces

Unfair, Deceptive Acts and Practices as applied to FDCPA

A pdf transcript for the above audio files
The text is organized so to distinguish cited case law,
quoted material read, and side comments made.
Thank you Paul!

Woe Unto You, Lawyers! by FRED RODELL was written 75 years ago. Mr. Rodell was Yale University Law Professor at the time the book was written. The audio files below were read from his book and the statements made by Mr. Rodell, condeming the legal industry, are as accurate today and they were in 1939 when this book was written!
Legal Profession - Part 1 As read by Dave on 3/10/14

Legal Profession - Part 2 As read by Dave on 3/17/14

Legal Profession - Part 3 As read by Dave on 3/24/14

Legal Profession - Part 4 As read by Dave on 4/7/14

Legal Profession - Part 5 As read by Dave on 4/14/14

Federal Rules of Evidence video: Part 1

Federal Rules of Evidence video: Part 2

Federal Rules of Evidence video: Part 3

Federal Jurisdiction (Part 1)

Federal Jurisdiction (Part 2)

Federal Jurisdiction (Part 3)

Richard Cornforth appears on Rule of Law Radio May 2, 2014

Both Richard Cornforth and Marie Luke appeared on Randy Kelton's "Rule of Law Radio" show on Friday, May 2, 2014. Richard and Marie covered some of the basics of litigation and pointed to some very helpful strategy tips. Randy does intend to have Richard and Marie back, hopefully in the near future.

You have the right to be left alone, get help here.

Foreclosure Bash - Sitting Duck
Presented by Jesse,
additional info at:

We expect to add more educational calls as the occur.

Dave has a TalkShoe.com conference call on Monday evenings at 9:00pm Eastern. The name of his program is: "Dallas Debt Discussion". The call Id is 54318#. The phone number for calling in is 724-444-7444 Call ID is 54318# and if you are a guest the press 1 and then the # sign. It is an open call with Good News, Recent Updates, and Q&A for those seeking information in conjunction to their Federal Lawsuits against Debt Collectors.Even though the call is an open call, it is primarily pointed towards those who have joined and become members at freeNclear.net.

A splash of humor when a debt collector calls the wrong number.

So you want to take back that which is yours, already. Here is a way that not only works, it may even shield you while you are doing so. Something to give serious thought to.

Part One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Prylnj4NQ8

Part Two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Smu0x05qs58

Part Three: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKKsZ6dvg7g

Each recording is less than 15 minutes, enjoy. I did!

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Void Judgment Details

     22 Reasons Simply Stated

     Restated with evidence cited

Meet "Richard Cornforth"

Sue Debt Collectors Instead

     Support Docs for Suing Debt Collectors

     Unfair and Deceptive Practices

          Case Law for Suing Debt Collectors

     Recorded Calls from "just Dave"

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Note worthy court actions and
actions within the debt collection industry.

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