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Richard Cornforth and Marie Luke are much sought after legal researchers, instructors and seminarians. They are the lead Instructors with the Helm Society School and well known authors who have helped scores of individuals across the nation to learn, understand, and to use resources available to them within the Legal System.

Richard, as a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and the American College at Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Mr. Cornforth brings a wealth of experience that punctuates his formal training with years of personally witnessing court corruption and having the ability to do something about it.

Marie, is a graduate of Appalachian State University and she brings strong administration , with business and organizational management. As a teacher of twenty years experience, she also brings to the Helm Society School a strong skill of writing manuals and teaching courses in law.

The methods they teach involves helping average people to learn to navigate the Legal System, file briefs, and acquire basic understanding of how to work successfully through law suits affecting their personal assets, families, businesses, and estates. Their approach is purely instructional and educational. Alumni who have had the opportunity to learn from them have become successful navigating through their own lawsuits.

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Richard Cornforth appears on Rule of Law Radio May 2, 2014
Both Richard Cornforth and Marie Luke appeared on Randy Kelton's "Rule of Law Radio" show on Friday, May 2, 2014. Richard and Marie covered some of the basics of litigation and pointed to some very helpful strategy tips. Randy does intend to have Richard and Marie back, hopefully in the near future.

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