A Case Study for Winning
Debt Collection Actions in
State Court

The following has been taken from a state action brought by Midland against an alleged Debtor. The documents include jurisdiction specific statutes and case law. This will most likely require being changed to reflect the jurisdiction they are filed into if out side of California.

It is not necessarily presented in any particular order:

1. Brief

2. First request for production

3. Motion to Compel

4. Meet and confer

5. Judicial notice

6. Limine

7. Decleration in support Limine

8. MTC Seperate statement

9. Response to Admission

10. Response to Doc request

11. Response to ROGS

12. Seadragon's 60day Pretrial Timeline

13. Trial Notes and Witness Questions

It should be pointed out that Midland is a debt buyer which could make a difference in what is asked and/or demanded. Fundementally, it remains the same for all debt collection actions.

(Special Thanks go out to Kirby)

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